Here are some of projects we have completed over the years

The project was done to stop condensation and to clean up the appearance of an aging potato grading store for supplying potatoes to Marks & Spencer's.

Spray insulation foam Spray insulation foam

Spray insulation foam

Spray insulation foam

Spray insulation foam hull

Spray insulation foam york

Spray insulation foam cleethorpes

Spray insulation foam grimsby

Spray insulation foam lincoln




A project we did in Somerset that was already insulated with a board system the customer was experiencing air leakage from the joints of the board system, this meaning that the refrigeration system was running unnecessarily for long periods of time as the cold air was leaking out of the building through the joints of the board system, by just putting a coat of spray foam over the whole of the building gave the building a total seal on all joints thus meaning that the refrigeration unit would run more cost effectively saving the customer money by reducing the running costs of the refrigeration unit.


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A project we did to a listed building for an new office block for Leeds Council to help in the insulation of the building, once the insulation was done it was plaster boarded on top of it leaving the main beams on show to blend in with the character of the building.

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 A grain store renovation

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